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Chile magnitude 8.8 earthquake

  • AUTHOR: Debi Kilb
  • DATE: 2010-03-01

This is a 3-D interactive scene file highlighting the location of the Magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile (red diamond denotes the mainshock hypocenter at 35.846S, 72.719W, 35 km depth) on 27 February 2010 at 6:34:14 UTC. The first 145 aftershocks in the sequence are shown with smaller red diamonds. News reports within the first 24 hours of the quake report “At least 214 have been reported killed and nearly a quarter of the globe put on tsunami alert after one of the most powerful earthquakes of modern times hit South America”. For reference, we also include an estimate of the hypocenter of the Chile magnitude 9.5 earthquakes on 22 May 1960 at 19:11:14 UTC (blue diamond). An approximation of the mainshock fault trace’s at the Earth’s surface are included for the 2010 rupture (red line) and the 1960 rupture (blue line). Also shown are global historical seismicity (~82,000 tan cubes), which maps out the plate tectonic boundaries. To highlight regions of deep/shallow earthquakes we have also separated the global seismicity into deep earthquakes below 300 km (purple orbs) and shallow earthquakes above 300 km (tan orbs). Also included are IDA seismic station locations (red cylinders), an outline of the world (green lines) and an outline of the USA boundaries (olive lines). Topography/bathymetry is color-coded, with greens and browns representing higher elevations.

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