The Library is designed to be an open-source database for images, software tips, development skills and code snippets that help users of the SIO Visualization Center to manipulate and display their data in the best way. The following sections are available for browsing:


This is a place to download visual objects for the classroom, whether you are a high school teacher, college lecturer, professor, or researcher (who needs some material for a talk!). Files are in various flavors, including Quicktime, Flash .SWF, Inventor, Fledermaus SD, MPEG, WAV, AIFF, MP-3, Windows Media Player and VRML1 & 2.

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Scene Files

Explore earthquakes, bathymetry, topography and many other datasets in 3D! These scene files were created using the Fledermaus toolkit. You can view these files in Fledermaus or with the free player iView3d.

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Download Quicktime movies, video podcasts, mpeg files. You will need Apple's Quicktime player to view these.

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Online Tools

This section of the library has many Flash tools that you can use to estimate earthquake magnitude or to listen to what an earthquake sounds like! You need a web browser and the Flash plugin to interact with these tools.

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You just saw a great professional talk or class lecture and you think to yourself that it would be great to incorporate some of that material in your own work. In the presentations portion of our visual objects library, we catalog a collection of PowerPoint and KeyNote presentations that can be used to supplement research talks, classroom lectures or outreach activities.


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Want to know how to plot lines in a Fledermaus .sd file? Or maybe create a QuickTime movie on the SGI? How about SGI shortcut keys to reduce the amount of finger-tapping?


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